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 Work continues on the site as of OCT 2, 2018 . Please be Patient as we complete what we hope will bring the site to some new levels and partnerships.


We are building the LARGEST and ONLY TRUE Indie ROCK Network!!!

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We have many changes that are being developed and it just takes time.

Thankyou for your patience.


TheGigPenROCKS is The ONLY Real NETWORK for INDIE Rock bands...PERIOD!!!

The Future of Music isn’t what it used to be. As an Independent Rock and Roll artist you know that statement is true. TheGigPenROCKS is about changing the way bands get heard by creating an ACTIVE Network of Indie Rock and Roll Artists, FANS, and Music Industry Professionals Nationwide and Globally! Join The ONLY TRUE INDIE ROCK NETWORK TODAY and Use TheGigPenROCKS as your most valuable resource when it comes to booking a Gig or even a Tour. TheGigPenROCKS only promotes Independent Rock Artists. Your band will never compete against Major labels for new fans and exposure. Since our FOCUS is LIVE PERFORMANCE, registered bands will also have opportunities to open for more widely known Indie Rock acts Nationwide!

Some of Our FEATURED Artists at TheGigPenROCKS

Get in TheGigPenROCKS with other Indie Rock and Roll community enthusiasts


Create a Membership complete with band Profile. Easily locate bands of same or similar genre in every state, or globally. Create your own network of bands to work with. Contact them here at TheGigPenROCKS and set up a gig or tour.

SEE who is Online at TheGigPenROCKS

You will see the  online status of registered users in real time at TheGigPenROCKS, making it easy to contact friends or other bands in real time, which saves you time.

Free Static WEB Page

All bands and singer songwriters will receive a FREE Static web page, includes ALL of your social media links, facebook and twitter feeds, links to sales, audio player and YOUR youtube playlist of video. This is in addition to your profile at TheGigPenROCKS!!!

Bands on the Run MAP locator

You can use TheGigPenROCKS “Bands on the run” MAP locator to locate bands by genre on the map in ANY state or Globally! Click their marker and your at their We also have Fan maps and Professional maps. The Professional Maps are filterable by profession type, which makes it easier to locate the service you need.

Independent Support

Join our EXCLUSIVE Independent Rock and Roll community, and get great support to help move your band forward. We have Professionals that have joined TheGigPenROCKS to have access to YOU! We only promote Independent Rock artist that are NOT on a major label so you won’t be competing against big label for new fans.  Also we’re constantly improving and adding new features. See something we don’t have?? We are open to suggestions, please drop us a line.

TheGigPenROCKS Radio

Join TheGigPenROCKS Independent Rock and Roll community, and get your music heard on TheGigPenROCKS radio  affiliates in TheGigPenROCKS Radio Network. Get your music heard in different timezones.We make it easy for you to register your music with registars and make it easy to submit your tunes for airplay in our network of stations.

The SPONSORS listed below believe in TheGigPenROCKS Revolution!!!

Forums, Questions and Suggestions

Forums, Yeah we have forums

TheGigPenROCKS has many(currently 43) forums to use. We have FanForums in which fans can discuss their newly found or favorite Indie Rock and Roll artists by GENRE! Bands and Band Members can interact with fans by Genre in the FAN Forums. We have Private Band forums generally listed and also by genre for bands to interact with each other and set up their next gig. Makes it easy to find the kind of band you want to gig with and contact. Saves time!!! Time you could be spending heading to a Gig instead of just looking for one.

Questions for TheGigpenROCKS?

We’ll be happy to help you if you need technical support or have any question. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our support forum or by email.

Suggestions for TheGigPenROCKS?

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our suggestions forum.

TheGigPenROCKS is The ONLY Real NETWORK for INDIE Rock bands...PERIOD!!!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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