What is TheGigPenROCKS?

"One Community, One Purpose"

 TheGigPenROCKS is and ALWAYS has been about making it easier for little known Indie rock Artists to be heard, let alone build a substantial Fanbase. After watching my own Son’s band, Fossil Generation, an Alternative/Progressive Indie rock band, stuggle to get a gig or try to put together even a mini-tour, I saw the need was there to establish a community where not only Artists but Fans and Professionals that follow Indie rock could gather and be dependent on one another for their Success! 
 Artists in Today’s Music Scene are EXPECTED to SELL TICKETS to their OWN SHOW, even in an Out-of-Market-Venue! How does any Artist sell tickets to a show in a town they are not known in? Back in the day, damn I’m officially OLD, but back in the day the VENUE actually did this thing called advertising. YEP…they actually printed flyers for the bands that were scheduled to play and sent those flyers with the kids to pass out. They promoted the BANDS!!! What you do by selling tickets for the VENUE is waste YOUR TIME for very little payoff. They make a killing on your “25” tickets sold and the alcohol sales on top of that. What did you get? Oh Yeah..you got to play a live Event…Did you GAIN NEW FANS? SELL any CDs? Did the VENUE actually pay up or did the “free bar” suddenly end up being a bill and the settlement was your gig for free?
I am not even a musician and I KNOW that happens ALOT!!!
 So for the last 6 years or so I have been developing this IDEA called TheGigPenROCKS.The IDEA of bringing Together in One Place… FANS, ARTISTS and Professionals ALL working together with One Purpose…Promote Indie Rock and build a community that can thrive by itself, inter-independent of the “mainstream”music industry.
 I have talked with Artists and Professionals from all over this planet. Most of them say that the TIME THEY WASTED is Actually LOOKING FOR OTHER ARTISTS. They have told me of The Countless HOURS scouring Facebook and Twitter and the like just to find one band and THEN only to find out that the band is not active. THOSE DAYS are G-O-N-E
NOW Fans can find new Artists, Artists can find other Artists easily and Professionals can market Directly to the Artists that Need and Want their services…the best part is ..Everyone is HERE!

TheGigPenROCKS' Community

 TheGigPenROCKS is Different, no joke. Sure there are other music sites and they are great for what they do, but it isn’t about what they do. The One Thing that They Do Not Do is actually create a Community. After talking to MANY Artists and Professionals from around the world, I have come to realize that ARTISTS do not gain new fans at other music sites or more Gigs or Tours and they COMPETE against Big Label Artists for Fans and SALES.
    TGPR Only Promotes Artists that Are Not on a Major label. Let’s face it…YOU Do Not have the kind of MONEY it takes to compete with a big labeled band.FACT. But you don’t need it if you are not competing against big labels and why should you? Most , not all, but most of the Artists here at TheGigPenROCKS are Artists that primarily just want to Gig and be heard and build a fan following. Most just play 1 to 4 gigs a month, some play more.Some even less. The POINT is, that YOUR Success is directly tied to having CONTACTS. Contacts cannot be made unless contacts can be found. Having an INVALUABLE resource to Discover new music, new artists or music-related services or even products at your fingertips…well what do you say to that? You don’t have to say a thing really..just take a Tour and SEE for yourself.


One Community, One Purpose.
Owner of TheGigPen tm and TheGigPenROCKS tm
Functioning Indie ROCK Community

Fans, Artists and Professionals

Word of Mouth is the Best Advertising
Most Artists at TheGigPenROCKS simply Just want to Gig or Tour
You have to have a RESOURCE of Artists to do that.
Every Artist virtually has the same needs
 What they really need are CONNECTIONS!
TheGigPenROCKS makes it  EASY to make and keep those Connections at your fingertips.

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